Red Boots & Beyond

There are so many wonderful sites out there that are incredibly helpful resources for me, especially on my parenting journey. They guide my way with humor, advice and honesty. The difficult days always ease up a little once I’ve read a post from someone who’s in it too.

Some of my essays have been published on these sites, and I hope they help others feel less alone in the same way:

‘Mom, When Do Grown-Ups Stop Eating Breakfast’ – on NYT Motherlode

So Much More Than A Squeeze – on Brain,Child Magazine

How my kids push me past my fears and out of my comfort zone – on J. Weekly

Twinkling holiday lights overshadow my Jewish center – on J. Weekly

Mom, who’s your favorite – on J. Weekly

On cinnamon challah, and forgiving myself – on J. Weekly

One dirty boy, one happy camper – on J. Weekly

It Seems Like Only Yesterday He Was in a Kiddie Car – on J. Weekly

Yoga Wisdom for Summer Vacation: Balance and Breathe – on J. Weekly

Like Moses, a Mother Beset by a Flock of Whiners – on J. Weekly

Worries Melt Away After Unforgettable Israel Bar Mitzvah – on J. Weekly

Parenting a Teen is Tricky, and Often a Little Bit Messy – on J. Weekly

My 7-Year-Old Son Asked: Is It Hard to be a Mom? – on J. Weekly

An Adventurous Spirit From His Crib to His Teens – on J. Weekly

Goodnight Ritual is Just as Sweet as Apples and Honey – on J. Weekly

In New School Year, Making Room to Lie Still and Just Breathe – on J. Weekly

Camp Kids Leave Behind Untouched Banana and Lonely Younger Sibling – on J. Weekly

‘Mom, is Crocodile Kosher?’ A Curious Question in the Wild Heart of Africa – on J. Weekly

The Penance and Joy of Funfests, Ball Games and School Plays – on J. Weekly

For a Glimpse Into the Teenage Mind, Drive and Listen – on J. Weekly

Carpools Rock With Texting Connections – on J. Weekly

Who Knew Basketball Fever Would Unite a Family of Six – on J. Weekly

If Anyone Asks, the Answer is ‘No’

6 Life Lessons Your High Schooler Can Learn From ‘Grease’ – on Kveller

Feeling Stretched Thin When Family is 10,000 Miles Away – on J. Weekly

An Uncomfortable Place – on Mamalode

Dear Kids, I’m Sorry I Hate Halloween – on Kveller

Why I Make Challah Every Friday – on Kveller

Cue Up The Tears For First Grader Who Hates To Lose – on J. Weekly

Making Something Out Of Nothing And Calling It A Day – on J. Weekly

The Way We Grow – on Mamlode

Our Hearts Are Full And They Are Heavy – on J. Weekly

Drawing A Line In The Sand Over Israeli Ice Cream – on J. Weekly

The Second Puberty That Occurs Between 40 And 41 – on The Mid

What I Learned About My Children At The Rabbi’s House – on Kveller

5 Phrases That Send Me Spinning – on The Huffington Post

One Shoe Off – on The Huffington Post

5 Lessons I Learned From Disney’s Newest ‘Cinderella’ – on Kveller

Friends Are For Facebook – on The Huffington Post

I Will Never Forget That I Dropped My Infant Son – on Mamalode

8 Things I Never Said When I Was 5 – on The Huffington Post

When Stay At Home Mom Guilt Strikes Hard – on Kveller

What the Gruesome Images from the Jerusalem Terror Attack Taught Me About Hope – on Kveller

How Will We Navigate Orthodoxy As My Fiesty Daughter Grows Up – on Kveller

My Kids Only Want to Talk to Me in the Bathroom – on HaHas for HooHas

Teen Trouble, 2014 Style – on Scary Mommy

Sh*tty Mom, Rebranded – on Kveller

I’m Sad Our Israel Vacation is Over–But I’m Glad It Happened – on Kveller

We Came For a Bar Mitzvah, But What We Got Was a War – on Kveller

On Vacation In Israel in the Midst of a War – on Kveller

My Son Has a Secret Life on Skype – on Kveller

Your Old Mom Is No Longer Available–Try This One – on Kveller

Homework – hands off! – on Challenge Success

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