Are we there yet?


Makes me shiver. With excitement. And nerves. It’s daunting, overwhelming even. But also awesome.

Like waiting to run that 10km or half marathon – I’ve never run any greater distance, but I imagine that would be like this on steroids! Part of me wants to give up before I’ve even begun, and the rest knows how amazing it will feel once I’m over the hump, once I’m in it and the endorphins take over. The zone of mindless effort.

And I know how it will feel once I reach the end, cross the finish line, when the blood roars in my ears so it sounds as if the whole world is cheering for me. Weak legs, hard to breathe. I know I will bend over double, with my hands on my hips, gulping air. A little bit sick, and a lot exhilarated. Because it’s the end, and I finished, but also because of the sheer physical endurance – to make my body and my mind work that way, to push myself, to experience many moments of doubt and even despair but not give in to them. Exhilarated. Accomplished.


I am blogging from A to Z in the month of April: the challenge is to post every day this month, except Sundays. That works out to 26 days – one day for each letter of the alphabet. My letter days will correspond to OPI’s nail polish colors, to enhance my fascination (obsession?) with the names OPI chooses for their hundreds of hues.

Here I go.

Are we there yet?


Are We There Yet by OPI

19 thoughts on “Are we there yet?

  1. That’s a great theme- choosing OPI’s colours- I haven’t come across this idea before. I’m doing the challenge as well but without a theme. All the best!

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