E.T. Phone Home

This post was first published on RedBoots in February. I am reposting today as part of Finish the Sentence Friday on the delicious prompt: “I know my child would rather I not reveal this…” Or maybe it wouldn’t faze him at all. I don’t really know. Which is my point. Since writing this eight months ago, he has turned 13, had his bar mitzvah and moved up a grade but little else has changed. He’s still pretty far away from me most of the time.

Red Boots

My teenage boy is an alien. And by alien I mean foreign. Far away from me. It’s not so much that I don’t understand him, or that he communicates as if he’s from another planet. There is some of that going on some of the time, but I’m learning to decode and even speak that language (Mmm mmm mmm means “I don’t know” in Teenglish). It’s more like he and I are in different countries, and we call each other only when necessary. To check in. Or remind him to wash his face. Or ask me to email the karate teacher.


He’s actually not quite a teenager – he’s 12 and a half. Exactly. And I know much is likely to change in the next six months before his barmitzvah. His voice might break. He could grow a whole foot. The glimpses of sullenness and defiance I’m seeing now…

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Whole lotta Country

Guess where my red boots and I are headed this week? The country music capital of Nashville, TN! I am counting the sleeps – just two more – till I visit my musical mecca. Reposting one of my favorite pieces about some of my favorite music.

Red Boots

(Hit play and turn the volume way up)

When I was ten-years-old I saw Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton perform the song “Islands in the Stream” on TV. Dolly was wearing a whispy, flowing black dress, her bottle-blonde hair in its signature Dolly-style. Kenny wore a tux and his mane of gray made a big impression on me. They were both very glam. Exotic even, to my wide eyes. They stood together on the stage, and Dolly waved her dress and tapped her heels as she sang. It was that southern drawl that drew me in, as much as the catchy music and lyrics. Bitten by the Country Bug.

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Music played in our house and in the car all the time when I was growing up, but it was never country music. My mom loved rock – Dire Straits, Talking Heads, Fleetwood Mac – and everything by Billy Joel and…

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